17-inch spokes for Vario - Click Thai

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17-inch spokes for Vario - Click Thai

What does the 17-inch spoke wheel help your car? Surely you will find the answer when reading through this article and don't forget to order your car right away! We will support COD shipping for you in remote provinces who can't visit the shop.

What does the 17-inch Vario spokes get?

For Vario 2018 models, the wheels of the car are 14 inches in size and after increasing to 17 inches will create a certain height for your pet. This is suitable for customers of ideal height, making you a really comfortable sitting position.

In addition, for customers who are passionate about the beauty of the Vario, the Vario spokes are also one of the accessories that highlight, create a uniqueness and give the car a unique character. where can go. In particular, show your personality and personality in your custom bike style .

Combo of 17 inch braces for Vario - Click Thai includes:

- 17 inch Excel Braces

- Stainless steel cams

- Vario zin drum

Note: Price does not include front and rear tires. The tires in the picture use Michelin covers (Front cover: 60/90/17 - Rear cover: 70/90/17)

Vario with unique 17-inch spokes

Vario with unique 17-inch spokes

Tires use high-class and durable Michelin tires

Tires use high-class and durable Michelin tires

Vỏ trước cũng sử dụng vỏ Michelin 60/90-17

The front case also uses a Michelin 60/90-17 . case

Căm inox sáng bóng và chống gỉ sét

Shiny and anti-rust stainless steel

Toàn cảnh bánh trước sau khi độ niềng căm Vario 2018

Overview of the front wheel after the Vario 2018 spokes

Còn đây là niềng căm và bánh sau của xe

And here are the braces and the rear wheel of the car

Vỏ sau sử dụng Michelin (Kích cỡ: 70/90-17)

Michelin rear case (Size: 70/90-17)

Niềng Excel với màu xanh thương hiệu nổi bật

Excel braces with prominent brand blue

Toàn cảnh bánh sau của xe với niềng căm 17 inch

Overview of the rear wheel of the car with 17-inch spokes

Xế cưng Vario 150 đã độ niềng căm thể hiện chất chơi

Vario 150 pet car has braces to show the quality of play

Xế cưng trông cao hơn và phần gầm xe cũng được nâng lên

The car looks taller and the undercarriage is also raised

Đã hoàn thành bản độ niềng căm cho xe Vario

Finished the brace version for Vario car

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