Adelin oil cone

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Adelin oil cone

The Adelin oil cone is one of the indispensable accessories when you are intending to get the oil cone instead of the wire cone for your pet. Products from Taiwan's Adelin brand ensure quality and a complete experience for your pet. On the oil cone, don't forget the Adelin oil clutch!

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Maybe you want to know the advantages of the oil cone for the car:

Smoother:  At this point, the oil cone completely prevails over the wire cone. For the oil cone, you do not need to be afraid of the friction of the wire as well as smooth operation whether newly installed or used for a long time.

Greater load capacity:  For the tapered lines when the load is large, you feel the clutch is very heavy in the hand. However, with the oil cone version you do not need to care about this problem.

Long use:  After a long time of use, you need to replace the tapered wire because of stretching or breaking the tapered wire. Not only that, when going long distances, the clutch belt is broken without a replacement or going at night, it is really difficult to handle.

Full set of motorcycle oil cone including:

- Oil wire

- Oil brake

- Adelin oil cone

The product price does not include the oil wire and the oil brake, so if you want to equip the oil cone for your pet, please refer to:

Anti-fracture Adelin PX7L oil brake (left side)

- Morin oil line Thailand

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Địa chỉ 2: 586 Phạm Thế Hiển, Phường 4, Quận 8, TP.HCM

Điện thoại: 0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25

Adelin oil cone has 3 colors for customers to choose: blue, red and black

Ti côn dầu Adelin có 3 màu sắc cho quý khách hàng lựa chọn: xanh dương, đỏ và đen

Products from Adelin brand - Taiwan standard

Sản phẩm đến từ thương hiệu Adelin - chuẩn Đài Loan

Guaranteed quality is often chosen by you for your pet car

Chất lượng đảm bảo thường được anh em lựa chọn cho xế cưng của mình

Adelin oil cone (black)

Ti côn dầu Adelin (màu đen)

Adelin oil cone (blue)

Adelin oil cone (blue)

Adelin oil cone (red)

Adelin oil cone (red)

Experience smooth steering - firm hand and chin with Adelin oil clutch

Experience smooth steering - firm hand and chin with Adelin oil clutch

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