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Adelin PX-1 . wire taper

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Adelin PX-1 . wire taper

One more line of Adelin branded handbrakes sent to customers is the Adelin PX-1 clutch. Although this is a clutch product line, for other scooters, it can still be installed at the left position of the pet. The product is suitable for 2-piston oilier lines, customers can refer to other 2-piston Adelin oil lines to make the car look more beautiful and synchronized.

Usually purchased together: Adelin PX1R dầu Oil Brake

The Adelin PX-1 belt clutch product is similar to the Adelin PX1R oil brake series that was introduced previously. However, the product is installed on the left hand brake of the vehicle. Therefore, customers who have installed the right oil brake, don't forget to equip the Adelin PX-1 hand clutch to become a very good pair on your car!

Notable features of the Adelin PX-1 wire taper:

- Products with pistons 15mm

- Equipped with a knob to adjust the braking distance

- Can be equipped with clutch and scooter models.

- Use 2 piston oil pig for this brake

- Mount at the left handbrake position.

Adelin 2 piston oil hog you may be interested in:

Adelin 2 pis oil pig - ADL-214

- Helium oil pig with 2 symmetrical pistons

- Adelin oil pig 2 pis - ADL-28

Hoang Tri Shop provides many Adelin branded accessories, customers should go to the same brand to be able to synchronize and promote the full features of the product. Order now or visit directly 1 of 2 Hoang Tri Shop branches for more advice.

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Adelin PX-1 rope clutch with full accessories

Tay côn dây Adelin PX-1 có đầy đủ phụ kiện

Adelin handbrake with luxurious monochrome black

Tay thắng Adelin với màu đen đơn sắc sang trọng

There is a function to adjust the steering distance on the Adelin PX-1 . brake handle

Có chức năng điều chỉnh cự ly tay lái trên tay thắng Adelin PX-1

Close-up of Adelin PX-1 . clutch

Cận cảnh tay côn Adelin PX-1

PX-1 wire taper is installed for NVX 2017

Tay côn dây PX-1 được lắp cho NVX 2017

In addition, the car also has a combo of Daytona gloves and HJG . handlebars

Ngoài ra, trên xe còn có lắp combo bao tay Daytona và gù tay lái HJG

Adelin PX1 wire clutch on Exciter 150

Tay côn dây Adelin PX1 trên Exciter 150

The car has changed its appearance by sticking a black scratched aluminum decal with a new stamp

Chiếc xe đã thay đối diện mạo bằng cách dán decal nhôm xước màu đen kèm tem mới

This Exciter 150 comes on at the same time as the Adelin handbrake for more synchronization

Chiếc Exciter 150 này lên cùng lúc cặp tay thắng Adelin để đồng bộ hơn

The Airblade 2020 on the high-class Adelin PX-1 clutch

Chiếc Airblade 2020 lên tay côn dây Adelin PX-1 đẳng cấp

The customer came up with CRG hunchback glasses with glasses

Anh khách lên kèm theo kính gù CRG gắn chân kính

Góc trực diện chiếc Airblade 2020 lên cặp tay thắng Adelin

Góc trực diện chiếc Airblade 2020 lên cặp tay thắng Adelin

Tuy là tay côn dầu nhưng có thể lắp được cho các dòng tay ga

Tuy là tay côn dây nhưng có thể lắp được cho các dòng tay ga

Trên hình là chiếc Airblade 2014 lắp cặp tay thắng Adelin

Trên hình là chiếc Airblade 2014 lắp cặp tay thắng Adelin

Sản phẩm đồng bộ với nhau mang lại sự sang trọng, đẳng cấp cho xe

Synchronized products bring luxury and class to the car

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