Airblade anti-theft car lock-Front disc lock

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Front disc lock 


Designed specifically for Airblade vehicles with the feature and use of this product is able to prevent car theft by crooks. Safe, simple and easy to use, and makes crooks frustrated and give up their intentions. look at your car.

Fixed in the front fork position of the car, when you go somewhere you carefully lock the neck of the car and at the same time lock the front disc brake lock function of the car, you will feel more secure.

Picture after installing the fixed disc brake lock on the car

The front disc lock has been fixed to the vehicle.


There are 2 types of front disc lock with the same feature that can prevent car theft, but the use is different. Temporarily called removable disk lock and fixed disk lock .


Compare removable disk lock and fixed disk lock


Portable disc lock : The material is made of hard steel with anti-theft feature when you forget to lock the car's neck. Easy to use but inconvenient when you unlock you have to take out the disc lock, when you need to use it, continue to install the disc brake. However, the price of this product is cheaper than the fixed disk lock . See details here


Fixed disc lock : The material is made of high-quality aluminum with very good anti-theft and safety features, making it impossible for thieves to disable this type of product.

Cách sử dụng : Được gắn cố định trên xe nên khi dừng xe nơi bạn đến bạn chỉ cần dùng ngón tay đẩy cái chốt (nút tròn màu đỏ ở trên có biểu tượng hình ổ khóa ) qua phần phanh đĩa ,lúc này bánh xe trước sẽ không thể quay được do cốt của khóa đĩa đã chặn lại phanh đĩa .Đến khi xong việc ,trước khi khởi động xe, bạn nhớ cắm chìa khóa vào mở khóa đĩa để cốt của ổ khóa rút trở lại vị trí ban đầu là có thể điều khiển xe chạy đi.

The advantage of this product is that it is very convenient for you because there is no need to remove the key like a removable disk lock, but just insert the key into the disc lock to unlock it. Especially when you install this product to the car, you can also save the cost of installing a stainless steel oil protection pass because on this front disc lock is equipped with an extra function to protect the oil pig with a green screw hole. The feeling of keeping the lock firmly in place when installing it on the car.

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