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Akrapovic Carbon F1 tailpipe with silencer

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Akrapovic Carbon F1 tailpipe with silencer

The sound of motorcycle exhaust is no longer strange to everyone. Depending on their personality and preferences, many people have made or installed motorcycle exhausts with their own roars and roars with their own personality. However, many people like the volume, but the sound must be minimized. Therefore, the Akrapovic F1 carbon tailpipe with silencer is the effective solution for you.

For motorcycle exhaust, the Akrapovic brand is trusted and chosen by many brothers to build their pet. Same with the Akrapovic Carbon F1 exhaust , the price is mid-range and it is not difficult for you to own for your pet. Accompanied by a silencer pipe, the sound is not too loud and enough for you to experience the excitement of the muffler on large displacement vehicles.

Product design includes 2 parts:

- Akrapovic muffler: painted with carbon with super beautiful carbon veins.

- Akrapovic muffler: painted black beautifully and personality.

In addition, on the can, there are 2 white metal braces as a highlight for the product and fixed with brain nails. In addition, in the middle part, there is a metal pad attached to fix it on your pet's car. With a loud, burning and exhilarating sound - sure to make you fall in love with the beauty of the Akrapovic carbon tail exhaust and the cool sound that will make you want to own it!

Come to Hoang Tri Racing Shop to experience the products - the shop features a variety of different exhausts from popular to high-end. Surely you will find a motorcycle exhaust that is suitable for your pet.

Address 1: 158 -160 Han Hai Nguyen, Ward 8, District 11, HCMC

Address 2: 586 Pham The Hien, Ward 4, District 8, HCMC

Phone: 0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25

Video: Akrapovic Carbon F1 tailpipe with Airblade silencer

Pô Akrapovic đuôi carbon được độ cho Liberty

Akrapovic carbon tail exhaust is custom made for Liberty

Sản phẩm mang lại âm thanh sống động cho chiếc Liberty S ABS 2020

The product brings vivid sound to the Liberty S ABS 2020

Toàn cảnh xe Liberty cùng cây pô Akrapovic đuôi carbon

Panorama of Liberty car with Akrapovic carbon tail

Pô độ Akrapovic đuôi Carbon F1 có tiêu giảm thanh trên Airblade

Akrapovic Carbon F1 tailpipe with silencer on Airblade

Xế cưng trở nên cá tính hơn khi gắn cây pô Akrapovic

Your car becomes more personal when you attach an Akrapovic exhaust

Cận cảnh chi tiết từ màu sơn đến 2 chiếc nẹp được gắn trên xe

Close-up details from paint color to 2 splints mounted on the car

Cận cảnh đuôi pô được sơn carbon - vân carbon cực đẹp

Close-up of the tailpipe is painted with carbon - very beautiful carbon grain

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