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Anti-dumping ADV 150 - Anti-dumping RZ Racing

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Anti-dumping ADV 150 - Anti-dumping RZ Racing

Anti-dumping ADV 150 is the latest ADV 150 car decoration accessory today at Hoang Tri Racing Shop. ADV 150 muffler is very easy to break when falling off the car or someone accidentally hits the rear, causing your muffler to burst. This is also a solution to help you limit the risk of damage when accidentally falling. Equip this accessory now!

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The best way to protect the muffler in particular and other parts in general on the right side of the car is with  Rizoma anti-parking equipment,  but for the exhaust. Rizoma's  anti-parking system is different from other types of anti-parking that is the sure protection of the car's exhaust, which helps to completely protect the exhaust when something goes wrong while running as well as when stopping. In addition to the function of protecting the car's  exhaust, the Rizoma anti-parking device is  also very trendy and full of colors for car lovers and this is also a  motorcycle toy  used to decorate your pet's car. .

Anti-dumping ADV 150 has many colors for you to choose from to suit your pet such as: red, yellow, black, blue and white. Depending on the color to choose the right one for your pet. With 2 basic functions of the  Rizoma muffler,  you will definitely enjoy this convenience. Come to Hoang Tri Racing Shop to customize your pet driver.

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Anti-dumping ADV is present at Hoang Tri Racing Shop

Anti-dumping ADV is present at Hoang Tri Racing Shop

Có nhiều màu sắc cho bạn lựa chọn - hạn chế rủi ro khi xe ngã đổ

There are many colors for you to choose from - reducing the risk of the car falling over

Close-up details of RZ Racing exhaust in silver tone with car color

Thêm một chiếc ADV 150 trắng đến lắp chống đổ màu trắng tông sẹc tông

Add a white ADV 150 to the white color splash guard

Sản phẩm được nhiều anh em sở hữu xe ADV 150 tin tưởng trang bị cho xế cưng

The product is trusted and equipped by many ADV 150 car owners for their pet

Chống đổ pô bảo vệ pô, hạn chế rủi ro

Anti-dump to protect the pot, limit risks

Màu sắc nổi bật - tông sẹc tông với màu sắc của xe

Striking colors - tones that match the color of the car

2 chiếc ADV 150 lắp đặt chống đổ pô màu đỏ

2 pcs ADV 150 with red anti-dump installation

Tông sẹc tông với màu sắc của xế cưng

Tone tones with the color of your car

Thêm một xế cưng lựa chọn chống đổ pô màu đỏ đen

Add a pet car to choose red and black anti-dumping

Lựa chọn ngay cho xế cưng chống đổ pô ADV 150 hạn chế rủi ro

Choose now for your ADV 150 anti-dumping car to limit risks

Chống đổ RZ Racing gắn xe ADV 150

Anti-dumping RZ Racing ADV 150

Che chắn bảo vệ pô xe khỏi rủi ro khi vô tình ngã xuống đường

Shield protects the exhaust from the risk of accidentally falling on the road

Được làm từ nhôm CNC nên rất chắc chắn

Made from CNC aluminum, so it's very sturdy

Đây còn là một sản phẩm trang trí xe ADV 150 hiệu quả

This is also an effective ADV 150 car decoration product

Chiếc ADV 150 trang bị chống đổ RZ Racing màu đỏ tông sẹc tông với màu xe

The ADV 150 is equipped with RZ Racing anti-dumping equipment in bright red with the color of the car

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