Anti-fracture Biker handbrake

11/08/2017 54 đã xem

The Biker handbrake has a feature that makes it easy to adjust the braking distance with the control button and gives your beloved driver a unique toy with a variety of beautiful colors. Can be fitted to many vehicles such as Airblade, Exciter, SH, Luvias, Nouvo......


Anti-broken gearshift biker for Sh 

Price: 850,000 VND/pair 

In addition to the feature of adjusting the braking distance, the Biker handbrake also has good anti-fracture ability when the vehicle suddenly falls or when it is hit by a collision. The word Biker is printed on the handlebar, creating a prominent highlight and affirming a famous motorcycle toy brand that is known and trusted by many motorcyclists.

Invite you to view images after mounting accessories hand wins Sh car Biker for 2012 :

Tay-thang-biker-sh-2014Biker brake has been installed on Sh 2012 on the right side


 Biker handbrake has been installed on Sh 2012 on the left side

Tay-thang-biker-sh-2012Remote photo of Biker handbrake fitted to SH 2013





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