Anti-theft lock-Lock the front disc of Lead 2013

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 Anti-theft lock-Lock the front disc of Lead 2013

Lead 125 . front disc lock

Product code : LD-08 .


Currently, the situation of car theft is increasing in Ho Chi Minh City, so the vigilance with this type of crime is increasing. Don't be too subjective with this problem, it only takes 1 minute of neglect, the amount of property big without wings. So why don't you equip a disc lock product on your car to prevent and prevent theft.


The set This anti-theft lock is fixed to your vehicle in the front fork position. Keeping your car safe no matter where you go, you will feel more secure thanks to the feature of a disc lock designed with hard reinforcement that is inserted across the front disc brake to prevent the wheels from turning. .

And so, even if the crooks can crack the main switch on your car, they will not be able to control the car to go because you have already equipped your car with a very useful and convenient car alarm kit . Help you protect your property from being easily lost against professional car thefts taking place regularly.

When you get somewhere, you just need to use your finger to gently press the red button with the padlock icon on the product. At this time, the wheel lock bar has been installed across the disc brake and prevents the wheel from turning. And when you're done, you just need to plug in the key to unlock it and you can get in the car and drive away. Very easy to use and safe.

 Anti-theft lock-Lock the front disc of Lead 2013

Picture after installing the disc lock on the car.

Anti-theft lock-Lock the front disc of Lead 2013

Close-up after installing the fixed lock on the car.

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