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ASPIRA Premio 140/70-14 tires Indonesia

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ASPIRA Premio 140/70-14 tires Indonesia

On the market of motorcycle tires (motorcycle tires) there are many brands such as: Dunlop, Michelin tires, Pirelli tires, IRC tires, etc. Each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages. But forget all the brands above, Hoang Tri Racing Shop will introduce you to the brand of Aspira tires that operate on all terrains to help you conquer the road ahead.

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Aspira brand is a brand that produces high-class tires from Indonesia. Aspira tires are adaptable to many different environments, with aggressive , sturdy spikes and good traction suitable for all terrains. Aspira tires are gradually winning the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts, especially those who often travel and want to upgrade their tires to be bigger and more aggressive.

The current Aspira tires are available in two versions: Aspira Sportivo and Aspira Terreno . There are many different sizes to fit many different vehicles. You can find out more price list of Aspira tires (updating) at Hoang Tri Racing Shop for details.

If you often go out on long trips, on uneven roads, you need to choose specialized tires to help the car operate smoothly and at maximum capacity. Please refer to Aspira tires at Hoang Tri Shop. Or you can also order online at the website as well as the sales channels at Hoang Tri Shop.

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Close-up details of Aspira Premio 140/70-14 tires Indonesia

Close-up details of Aspira Premio 140/70-14 tires Indonesia

Cận cảnh chi tiết thông số trên lốp Aspira Premio

Close-up of detailed parameters on Aspira Premio lốp tires

Hàng mới đã về tại Hoàng Trí Shop để phục vụ anh em

New goods have arrived at Hoang Tri Shop to serve you

Anh em muốn lên bánh to click nhẹ đặt hàng nhé!

If you want to get a big cake, click lightly to order!

Có thể ghé Hoàng Trí Shop để trải nghiệm trước khi quyết định mua

You can visit Hoang Tri Shop to experience before deciding to buy

Bạn sẽ yêu thích ngay từ cái nhìn đầu tiên khi thấy lốp Aspira

You will fall in love at first sight when you see Aspira tires

Lốp Aspira đã được lắp đặt cho chiếc ADV 150

Aspira tires have been installed on the ADV 150

Có vạch kẽ xanh dương để biết độ mòn của lốp

There is a blue stripe for tire wear

Những đường rãnh trên lốp xe giúp thoát nước tốt

The grooves on the tires help to drain water well

Bánh sau lớn hơn so với bản zin của xe

The rear wheel is larger than the zin version of the car

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