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Audi A11 LED for Exciter 155 VVA

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Audi A11 LED for Exciter 155 VVA

Of course, with just-released cars like the Exciter 155 VVA, it is impossible to ignore the extremely modern and popular Audi A11 LED line chosen by many brothers. With the initiative in the color of the Audi LED lights, the effect of just a smartphone that is always beside you helps your car always change and makes the Exciter 155 experience more perfect. Check out the details of the Audi Exciter 155 VVA LED at Hoang Tri Shop now!

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The Exciter 155 series was launched and not long on the shelves, many customers have been looking for many Exciter 155 car decoration services for their " steal ". One of those accessories must be mentioned through the Audi A11 Exciter 155 LED line . Around the installation of LED A11 Exciter 155 , Hoang Tri Shop has compiled a number of questions including:

LED Audi A11 Exciter 155 can be self-mounted at home?

==> LED product Audi A11 Exciter 155 cannot be self-mounted at home because it may lead to damage to the vehicle's Audi LED - headlight assembly.

How long does the LED Audi Exciter 155 last?

==> LED Audi A11 Exciter 155 time from about 1-2 hours of construction and installation for pet drivers. If you are far away, please send the Audi LED light assembly to the shop to install it for your car.

Is there a plastic cutout when installing LED Audi Exciter 155?

==> The product does not cut plastic, cut holes in your car to keep your car intact.

What function does LED Audi A11 Exciter 155 have?

LED Audi A11 fitted with Exciter 155 is similar to other models. The full functionality of the Audi A11 LED light includes:

- Color adjustment: You can customize the color of the Audi LED lights with your smartphone.

- Effect adjustment: Similar to the color of LED Audi A11, the effect is also changed quickly with just one touch.

==> All can be changed through the App A11 BLE with an easy to use, intuitive interface.

Instructions for using LED Audi A11:

- First, you need to download the App to use:  download iOS  -  download Android  Or you can search for App name  A11 BLE .

- Then you turn on the blue tooth to be able to connect to the Audi A11 LED kit   mounted on the car.

- Once connected, you can customize according to your needs right on the App.

(You can watch the clip below for more information on how to use it)

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Video: Exciter 155 VVA LED level Audi A11 controlled by phone

Both Exciter 155s have the same Audi A11 LED lights

Both Exciter 155s have the same Audi A11 LED lights

Thay đổi màu sắc khác chụp tiếp một tấm hình khác

Change another color take another picture

Nhân viên đang hướng dẫn anh khách sử dụng chức năng trên app

The staff is guiding the customer to use the function on the app

Tiện lợi với App thay đổi màu sắc hiệu ứng ngay trên điện thoại

Convenience with the App to change the effect color right on the phone

LED Audi A11 đã được trang bị trên LED Demi của Exciter 155

Audi A11 LED has been equipped on Exciter 155 . Demi LED

Chạm thay đổi thành màu xanh dương trên cụm đèn pha của Exciter 155

Touch changes to blue on the headlight cluster of Exciter 155

Đang kiểm tra lại hoạt động của đèn LED Audi thông qua ứng dụng BLE

Re-checking the operation of the Audi LEDs through the BLE . app

LED Audi A11 vừa trang bị cho Exciter 155

LED Audi A11 has just equipped Exciter 155

Thay đổi màu sắc hiệu ứng dễ dàng và nhanh chóng

Change effect color easily and quickly

Chỉ cần chạm vào màn hình là thay đổi màu, hiệu ứng cho đèn Audi Exciter 155

Just touch the screen to change colors and effects for Audi Exciter 155 . lights

LED Audi A11 đã hoàn thiện trên xe

LED Audi A11 has been completed on the car

Màu sắc của LED Audi có thể thay đổi tùy thích

The color of LED Audi can be changed as you like

Ngoài ra còn có thêm nhiều hiệu ứng để bạn có thể lựa chọn nhanh chóng trên điện thoại

There are also many more effects for you to choose quickly on your phone

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