Audi A9 LED light level for Winner X

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Audi A9 LED light level for Winner X

Integrating turn signals into Winner X headlights is said to be a super product that changes the appearance of Winner X. However, there is another super product dubbed the top of the top at Hoang Tri Racing Shop. Surely you will enjoy and customize the Winner X car that you just bought from the company. Let's wait and see what that toy is?

For products that integrate turn signals into Winner X headlights , you only have 1 effect with 1-color turn signals (1 demi color - 1 turn signal color). However, with the Audi A9 LED light for Winner X, you will be able to completely customize the colors of these two modes easily. In addition, what is even more special is that the effect can be easily customized with just one touch of the plastic part of the right switch assembly (optionally repositionable).

In addition to the features of changing the color of the lights, changing the light effects, adjusting the running speed of the lights, the feature that you are interested in is the turn signal effect built into the Winner X headlights. Can be considered as a package product for the front lights for Winner X because it possesses all the necessary features integrated into the headlight set.

Watch the video clip to better understand the product. Don't forget to come to Hoang Tri Racing Shop to customize the Audi A9 Led light for Winner X :

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With fingerprint touch technology, you can change the color of the turn signal

Finished A9 LED on Winner X

Finished A9 LED on Winner X 

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