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Axelo-style handbrake

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Axelo-style handbrake

The handbrake accessory of the zin car is probably too faint, so many Biker brothers who own Axelo cars are interested in Axelo-style handbrake to bring a new color to their pet. You can go to Hoang Tri Racing Shop to buy Axelo-style gloves.

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The Axelo style handbrake comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Depending on the color of the car, you can choose the color to suit different ways of playing such as:

+ Choose the winning hand color along with the stamp color

+ Choose the color of the hand with the accessories

In addition to the function of beautifying and creating a highlight for your car, you will be surprised with 3 features added to the Axelo-style handbrake such as:

+ Anti-fracture: when the car falls down, the brake arm has anti-fracture ability to limit the risk of breaking the brake arm, causing damage to your pocket.

+ Adjustable handlebar distance: The steering wheel can adjust the braking distance to suit all sizes of hands from women to men who can use the same hand brake.

+ Stretches out to fit the gloves: some handbrakes have an extension function to make it more suitable for many others.

Let's take a look at some Axelo hand brake models at Hoang Tri Racing Shop:

Axelo hand-brake Maxspeed

Maxspeed handbrake in red and black tone with stamp color

It is resistant to breakage in the event of a car fall

Subtle and durable color over time

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