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Back bag (handle) Exciter 155 - Baga RK-155

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Back bag (handle) Exciter 155 - Baga RK-155

Winner, after upgrading to Winner X, has had a drastic change in the rear baga of the car to become a 2-piece baga that looks different from the first version. However, the Exciter 155 series, after being upgraded from the brother Exciter 150, but still retains the same style and experienced by many brothers, looks somewhat weaker than the back baga of Exciter 150. Therefore, Hoang Tri Shop introduces it to you. Customers near and far behind (handle) Exciter 155 - Baga RK-155 to add more power to your pet.

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Baga after Exciter 155 is made of sturdy and durable metal. With the standard zin design for the Exciter 155 series, the motifs are designed symmetrically with each other, extending the baga after Exciter 155 longer than the baga zin Exciter 155 version. Normally, lengthening will make the product uncertain. sure, but for the RK-155 baga for Exciter 155 it is still sure to be sure and easy and convenient to drive.

The pattern on the baga not only creates a highlight for the car, but also can help the owner to quickly attach a genuine givi rear trunk. Very suitable for you who are looking for a place to keep personal items used frequently for the car such as: raincoats, helmets, files, other items. Baga after Exciter 155 is painted with rough paint to look more modern and stronger than the car's zin baga line. There are 2 colors for customers to choose: black and silver .

Looking for baga after Exciter 155 for your pet? Come to Hoang Tri Shop for advice and installation support for your pet. If customers living far away want to order a baga after the Exciter 155, they can still order it online because the product is standardly installed for the car without the need for a mode, so you can install it yourself at home. Order now and equip your pet car!

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Baga sau (tay dắt) Exciter 155 - Baga RK-155 có 2 màu sắc cho bạn lựa chọn

Back bag (handle) Exciter 155 - Baga RK-155 has 2 colors for you to choose from

Baga thiết kế chuẩn zin cho dòng xe Exciter 155

Baga standard design for Exciter 155

Cận cảnh baga sau (tay dắt) Exciter 155 - Baga RK-155

Close-up of the back baga (handle) Exciter 155 - Baga RK-155

Một sự khác biệt trông rõ sau khi trang bị baga sau Exciter 155

A clear difference after equipping the baga after Exciter 155

Với thiết kế họa tiết trông rất độc đáo

With texture design looks very unique

Có thể nâng cấp thùng sau givi chính hãng

Genuine givi rear case can be upgraded

Mang lại sự thay đổi hoàn toàn khác biệt với cản sau zin của xe

Bringing a completely different change with the car's zin rear bumper

Bạn sẽ thay đổi baga sau Exciter 155 để giúp xế cưng trông hoàn hảo hơn

You will change the baga after Exciter 155 to help your car look more perfect

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