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BCP - Super 1 . car oil

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BCP - Super 1 . car oil

 BCP - Super 1 is a type of oil that is highly appreciated by consumers and widely used. For vehicles with a 4-speed transmission. This isHigh quality gear oil is synthesized from high quality base oils and special additives, meeting API SG standards.

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Helps lubricate the engine, protect and prolong engine life

Protects the engine from oil deposits, thickening of oil, reducing friction to keep the engine cooler and cooler

Anti-oxidation, anti-rust

Contains special detergent molecules for cleaner engines

Oil change time is 2 times (oil change every 2,000 Km) compared to conventional mineral oil (oil change every 1,000 Km)


Used for vehicles with 4-stroke engines 

Recommended oil change every 2,000 Km


Avoid direct skin contact with oil

Do not pour used lubricant down the drain

Properly collect and dispose of used packaging


Store in a cool, dry place and the storage temperature should be below 60 degrees Celsius

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight


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