BCP - Super 1 . Synthetic Oil

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BCP - Super 1 . Synthetic Oil

BCP - Super 1 Synthetic Oil is a premium fully synthetic lubricant SAE 10W-40 manufactured from high quality base oils and special additives. Exceeds the requirements of the highest API SN standards required by vehicle manufacturers. Imported from Thailand with strict quality control.

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The product helps to increase the time it takes to change the oil for large displacement vehicles by 3 times (oil change every 5,000 - 7,000 Km) compared to the lubricants of this manufacturer and 5-7 times more than mineral-based oils. normal (oil change every 1,000 Km).

The lubricant manufacturer recommends using it for new 4-stroke engine vehicles (winner, exciter 150), large displacement vehicles, and Motor vehicles.

 There are 2 specifications: 0.8L bottle and 1L bottle (different prices)


Help save fuel

Protects the engine from oil deposits, thickening of oil, reducing friction to keep the engine cooler and cooler


Special detergent molecules make the engine cleaner


 Avoid direct skin contact with oil

 Do not pour used lubricant down the drain

 Properly collect and dispose of used packaging


 Store in a cool, dry place and the storage temperature should be below 60 degrees Celsius

 Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

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