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Beware of Exciter 150 . fenders

11/08/2017 103 đã xem

On rainy days or the road is flooded with mud, it will be a pain for those sitting in the back of the Exciter 150, the mud is all over the legs and back, damaging the shirt.

Shop Hoang Tri helps you solve this problem, keeping the fenders neatly designed, installed quickly, packed firmly, keeping the car's zin. New goods have arrived, bikers quickly pick up goods for their beloved drivers to decorate to make the car more beautiful.

Invite everyone to see the new exciter 150 toy car


Beware of muddy mud


Exciter 150 just installed the fender


Look to the side neatly and aesthetically



Another Exciter 150 just installed the fenders


Product close-up


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