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Biker model TFX block protection

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Biker model TFX block protection

You want to decorate the engine block for the TFX to become more prominent but don't know how? Then you can refer to the TFX biker model at Hoang Tri Racing Shop. With a variety of colors and impressive designs to match your pet's car. Come and experience the product right away!

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Protect the biker model block with zin standard mount for the TFX series, no need to make porridge that takes time. Made from outstandingly colored aluminum and cut and engraved by CNC high-tech machining, ensuring the product is accurate to millimeters. In addition, products are also tested for quality before being shipped to ensure that the goods reach the customer's hands. 

You can choose from many colors such as: yellow, red, blue, silver and black for your pet. Depending on the color you can choose for yourself a color that best suits your pet. Exquisite design with 3 raised notches to prevent other objects from reaching your engine block. 

TFX engine block protection consists of 2 parts: Left engine block protection and right engine block protection. Each side is tightened with screws, so it's firm and won't shake. The installation is completely easy and quick, suitable for customers who live far away to buy and install their own cars. The product decorates the car more prominently in the position of the engine block on both sides to attract the eyes of many people

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Phone: 0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25

Protect the TFX machine block of the red Biker model

Protect the TFX machine block of the Yellow Biker model

The TFX arrived at Hoang Tri Racing Shop with a yellow TFX guard installed

Standard installation for TFX models

There are 3 high anti-collision notches deep inside the engine block

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