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Capture transparent cam cover

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Capture transparent cam cover

Motorcycle cam is a system consisting of 2 main parts, the camshaft and the camshaft to perform the task of opening and closing the fuel intake, along with the exhaust outlet. Cam cover is one of the accessories that help to shield and protect the car's cam to be stable and not affected by external factors and is usually carefully covered. If you want to clearly see the inside of the cam cover, you can equip a transparent cam cover to make your car more unique and outstanding!

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Many brothers may not understand well about the structure of the car or the cam of the motorcycle. It can be understood that the transparent cam cover is a decorative product for the car right at the position of the cam cap and replaces the cam cover with a transparent cam cover that can see through the inside of the cam. Installation is extremely quick and simple, you just need to remove the car's zin cam cover and install the transparent cam cover to replace the car.

The product has a transparent cam cover, after being installed on the car, you can see the internal parts of the machine. Can be installed for car models: Future, MSX. Monkey,... The product has many colors including: white, blue, yellow, red and black . Choose a product with the right color to decorate your car right away! Products are available at 1 of 2 branches of Hoang Tri Shop.

Address 1: 158 -160 Han Hai Nguyen, Ward 8, District 11, HCMC

Address 2: 586 Pham The Hien, Ward 4, District 8, HCMC

Phone:  0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25

Video: Capturing transparent HTR cam cover for MSX, Monkey

Clear cam cover has 5 colors

Clear cam cover has 5 colors

Có thể nhìn xuyên thấu bên trong với lớp kính bền bỉ

Can see through inside with durable glass

Sản phẩm mang thương hiệu Hoàng Trí Racing

Products bearing the brand name Hoang Tri Racing

Sản phẩm đang có sẵn hàng mời anh em đến lắp đặt

Products are in stock, invite you to come and install

Có thể đặt hàng mua về lắp đặt nhanh chóng

Can order to buy and install quickly

Chụp nắp cam trong suốt màu đỏ lắp MSX

Capture red transparent orange cover with MSX

Sản phẩm có thể nhìn xuyên thấu bên trong của lốc máy

The product can see through the inside of the engine block

Góc cận cảnh chi tiết bên trong của nắp cam mà bạn có thể thấy khi lắp chụp nắp cam trong suốt

A detailed close-up of the inside of the cam cover that you can see when
the transparent cam cover is installed


Honda MSX trang bị chụp nắp cam trong suốt

Honda MSX equipped with transparent cam cover

Vị khách lựa chọn chụp nắp cam màu đen tông sẹc tông cùng xế cưng của mình

The customer chose to take a black orange cap with his pet's car

Có thể nhìn xuyên thấu những phụ kiện bên trong nắp cam

The accessories inside the cam cover can be seen through

Toàn cảnh trông có phần lạ mắt của chụp nắp cam trong suốt MSX

The panorama looks somewhat fancy of the transparent cam cover MSX

Trên tay chụp nắp cam trong suốt chuẩn bị lắp đặt cho xe

On hand, a transparent cam cover is ready to be installed on the car

Anh khách lựa chọn màu bạc tông sẹc tông với lốc máy

The customer chooses a silver tone color with the engine block

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