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CBR 2017 monolithic fenders

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CBR 2017 degree Monolithic fenders

Honda CBR150R 2017 with a price of 110,000,000 VND in Vietnam is a reasonable price for a Sport-Bike with a beautiful sporty design. In particular, Honda models bring maximum fuel economy, suitable for inner city roads and long distances.

With the structure of a Sport-Bike, the rear of the car is somewhat high and tends to splash a lot in the rain. To overcome this situation, the 2017 CBR monolithic fender is a factor to overcome splashes and splashes on the car.

Advantages of the monolithic fender for CBR 2017 :

+ Does not cause sludge to splash on the underbody of the vehicle, making cleaning extremely difficult.

+ Bring a new style to the car and to decorate CBR 2017

+ Clean the car easily and conveniently. Just grab the hose and spray on the fenders and then spray around and you're done.

See more pictures of 2017 CBR monolithic fenders :

Solid monolithic fender on CBR 2017

Solid monolithic fender on CBR 2017

Close-up of love trucks and monolithic fender toys

Close-up of love trucks and monolithic fender toys

Độ chắn bùn nguyên khối cho CBR 2017 giúp việc vệ sinh dễ dàng hơn.

The one-piece fender for CBR 2017 makes cleaning easier.

Không còn cảnh văng nước, văng sình lên người ngồi phía sau.

No more splashing, splashing on people sitting behind.

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