Chrome-plated bottom mask - winner's car toy

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An armor for a winner warrior cannot be complete without a chrome-plated mask full of the beauty of a warrior. The pattern is symmetrical and with a border like a shield in a warrior's armor.

The chrome-plated bottom mask is constructed of sturdy and rust-proof material. The trio: chrome-plated upper mask , chrome-plated bottom mask and chrome -plated front turn signals create an extremely impressive front end.

Put the mask below the remaining 2 items to get the armor for your warrior:

Chrome-plated bottom mask for winner driver

Chrome-plated bottom mask for winner driver

Mặt nạ dưới mạ crom cùng ốp đèn pha indo

Chrome-plated bottom mask with indoo headlight cover

Cận cảnh mặt nạ dưới mạ crom của winner

Close-up of winner's chrome-plated bottom mask

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