Chrome-plated lead 2018 watch cover

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Chrome-plated lead 2018 watch cover

The 2017 - 2018 lead chrome plated watch cover is a toy in the Lead chrome toy collection 2018 with a beautiful iridescent appearance that makes your car more beautiful.

Installation position: clock case

Uses: Make decorative toys more beautiful for your beloved car.

Note:  Patterns and textures may change over time because the manufacturer changes the model. Customers ordering online, please understand this unexpected change in model. Thanks 

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Chrome-plated lead 2018 watch cover

Ốp đồng hồ mạ crom được lắp cho Lead 2017 - 2018 màu trắng

Chrome plated watch cases are installed for Lead 2017 - 2018 in white color

Rất hợp với dáng em hòa quyền và làm nổi bật cho nhau

It suits her body perfectly and makes each other stand out

Ốp đồng hồ mạ crom đã được lắp cho xế yêu Lead 2017 - 2018

Chrome-plated watch cases have been installed for Lead cars 2017 - 2018

Cận cảnh từng chi tiết của ốp đồng hồ mạ crom Lead 2017 - 2018

Close-up of every detail of Lead chromium-plated watch case 2017 - 2018

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