CNC water tank cover with Click Thai - Vario

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CNC water tank cover with Click Thai - Vario

Covering the water tank not only protects the water tank inside but also decorates the car more beautifully. Understand that you want the car to be more and more beautiful, especially for Click - Vario Hoang Tri Racing Shop to launch the CNC water tank cover with Click Vario standard for 2015 - 2018 .

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The product is colorful with 6 colors you can freely choose such as: blue, yellow, red, black, silver, orange. All these colors are definitely suitable for customizing many cars with different colors. Covering the Click Vario 2015 - 2018 water tank completely attaches the zin to the car without taking time to make the porridge properly, so customers who are far away can buy it and install it for their own car without asking for assistance. of professionals.

Made of solid aluminum and machined by CNC machines, it is very precise in every small detail to make the product more sophisticated. Most especially, the propeller in the center of the Click water tank cover is designed to rotate and look very unique.

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Red CNC water tank cover mounted for Click Vario 2018

Red CNC water tank cover mounted for Click Vario 2018

Được làm bằng nhôm và sử dụng công nghệ cắt CNC rất tinh xảo

Made of aluminum and using very sophisticated CNC cutting technology

Cánh quạt tại trung tâm của két nước có thể xoay vòng rất độc

The propeller at the center of the water tank can rotate very nicely

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