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Degree 2 discs before NVX

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Degree 2 discs before NVX

You have seen Exciter 150, Winner X on 2 discs and are looking for 2 discs in front of the NVX to help your car drive more pitifully and attractively than thousands of other cars on the market. Level 2 front NVX is the accessory to raise the level of your NVX. Refer to the 2-disc combo before NVX at Hoang Tri Racing Shop and don't forget to leave your phone number if you need further advice!

You can refer to: NVX Owl Eye Lamp

After you have found the article related to the issue you are looking for. But, you can't find the price of 2 discs before the NVX ? For the Exciter 150 and Winner X series, when the 2-disc level has a price attached to the specific product, compared to the 2-disc degree before the NVX . This accessory combo has a lot of different options for you, so the cost may vary depending on your NVX 2-disc needs. 

- You can choose zin disc brake or style disc brake.

- Degree or not the degree of oil for the new disc just up for the car.

But, if you've decided to customize 2 discs in front of the NVX and want your pet to look great, you should customize the motorcycle-style discs to decorate your car more aggressively. In addition, the oil pig on the plate has just been customized to make the car look more balanced and beautiful. In addition, Hoang Tri Racing Shop's tip to make your wheels more beautiful when you have just 2 NVX discs is to stick a set of reflective wheel stamps that will help your pet stand out more and attract more eyes. is day or night.

Coming to experience the 2-disc set in front of NVX at Hoang Tri Racing Shop, you will be completely surprised by the beauty of the accessory set for your pet.

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Video: The front 2 discs of the Yamaha NVX are very beautiful

Bánh mâm trước đã được độ 2 đĩa cực ngầu

The front wheel has been adjusted to 2 very cool discs

Nâng tầm trải nghiệm trước vẻ đẹp hút hồn của độ đĩa trước NVX

Elevate the experience before the captivating beauty of the disc before NVX

Màu sắc 2 mâm khác nhau trông rất độc lạ

The color of 2 different wheels looks very unique

Có thể dán tem bánh mâm phản quang giúp thu hút hơn

Reflective wheel stamps can be stamped to make them more attractive

Yamaha NVX 155cc đã được độ 2 đĩa trước trông cực độc đáo

Yamaha NVX 155cc has been customized with 2 front discs to look very unique

Thể hiện đẳng cấp từ cái nhìn đầu tiên với dịch vụ độ 2 đĩa NVX

Show class at first sight with NVX 2-disc service

Mâm xe đã được dán mâm phản quang rất hợp với bộ tem của xe

The wheels have been glued with reflective wheels that match the car's stamp set

Xế cưng độ 2 heo dầu 2 bên để trang trí và an toàn hơn khi phanh thắng

The car has 2 oil pigs on both sides for decoration and is safer when the brakes are applied

Toàn cảnh chiếc NVX cực độc đáo và đẳng cấp

Panoramic view of the very unique and classy NVX

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