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Don't be afraid to cover the slug Winner X

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Don't be afraid to cover the slug Winner X

The clutches are known as the holy grail when going on muddy roads, walking on the road after it rains, then perhaps you will know why that name comes with the clutches. Introducing Winner X slug cover to make your Winner X easier to clean.

Winner X slug cover and then buy it for what?

Why don't you attach the Winner X fenders ?

The questions that the shop receives a lot when consulting customers on the website, fanpage, zalo, youtube,... It is true that your car has its own slug cover, but Winner X's slug cover is included with the product. The safety guard helps you prevent mud from getting deep into the engine block and cleaning the car becomes easier than ever.

Mounting the fenders for Winner X is so great, but for customers who want to save money but have a good and satisfactory product, perhaps this is the most suitable and economical option possible. Completely easy installation and zin for Winner X car, you don't need to make standard and fast mounting porridge for your car.

Winner X car toys can be found at Hoang Tri Racing Shop. Currently, we have more than 100 Winner X ornamental toys for you to choose and decorate in your own style.

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Baby car for Winner X

Baby car for Winner X

Bo sát bánh xe giúp xe chống văng sình vào sâu bên trong

Closer to the wheel to help prevent the car from splashing deep inside

Không cạ bánh giúp xe vận hành hoàn toàn bình thường

Not rubbing the wheel helps the car operate completely normally

Cận cảnh dè con che sên Winner X lắp chuẩn zin

Close-up of Winner X's slug cover with standard installation

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