Exciter 10 cups stainless steel baga 135

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The  indispensable part for the exciter car version 2011-2014 is the baga bag made of solid stainless steel with a thickness of up to 10 cups, allowing you to store heavier items than other types of baga. on the market are selling very popular.

New model 10 cup stainless steel baga for Exciter 135

New model 10 cup stainless steel baga for Exciter 135


exciter stainless steel baga thick type 

SKU: EX-54 (discontinued)


Product details: 

Material: 100% stainless steel, no rust 

Thickness : 10 cups

Installation for car: Exciter version 2011 - 2014

Screw mounting holes : 3 holes 

Using clamp spring : Yes 

Overall width : 25 cm 

Overall length : 38cm

Information about product details helps you to see that Baga accessories made of thick stainless steel can meet the needs of those who want solid durability when equipping this accessory for the car to help you feel. feel more secure when transporting heavy items.

In addition to its good bearing capacity, Baga Bang is equally aesthetic with a simple and compact design that follows the car with precise curves. The width of the baga is also improved to be wider than the common baga sold on the market, giving you more and easier storage space.


The stainless steel baga has been installed on the Exciter car




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