Exciter 150 2015 muffler

11/08/2017 56 đã xem

Another new accessory for the Exciter 150 is a very beautiful and stylish muffler, the price is very soft, with 2 screw holes available when installed on the exhaust. Good quality product materials protect the Exciter 150's exhaust from scratches and scratches, in addition, the artistic angular product design is used to decorate the exhaust more fancy.

Invite everyone to see this new 2015 Exciter toy car

Exciter 150 . muffler

A close-up image of the exhaust splint after being mounted on the Exciter 150

Looking from afar, Exciter 2015 exhaust splint


Exhaust bracket for Exciter red and black


Exhaust brace for Exciter white and red

 nep po exciter 150

The muffler will be more beautiful when equipped with the AKRAPOVIC stamp

The store has just updated the Exciter 150 muffler with 4 new color models similar to the color of the zin car, the price is just a little higher, these colors are painted like Yamaha Indo, confirming the difference and breaking the way.


4 new color samples of the Exciter 150 muffler

Price: 120,000 VND/piece 


Blue muffler mounted on the blue Exciter 150


Exciter 2015 blue fitted with black muffler


Close-up image of Exciter 150 exhaust splint in black

nep po exciter 150 lipstick airbrush

Blue and white muffler with Airbrush painted blue tail cap

Airbrush paint tail cap, price: 120,000 VND/piece 

Airbrush paint splint, price: 120,000 VND/piece    

nep po exciter 150 lipstick airbrush

Exhaust clip and tail cap with red Airbrush paint

nep po exciter 150 lipstick airbrush

Red and white Airbrush bonnet


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