Exciter 150 . 2-way gearshift lever

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Exciter 150 . 2-way gear lever

The Exciter 150 is a clutch driver and with a hook-and-loop design, many people are not salty because it can damage the beautiful shoes you are wearing even though you love this driver. Hoang Tri Racing Shop will help you drive Exciter like other cars with 2-way gear lever for Exciter 150.

The 2-way gear lever is manufactured by the KTech brand and is made of high-quality solid aluminum that can withstand good forces. Dubbed the exciter 150 car toy for beginners.

With a 2-way gear lever for the Exciter 150, you will be quite surprised with its features that are completely useful for those who are just starting to test the clutch line:

+ Keeps your shoes as beautiful as new because you don't have to use the toe hook like the single gear levers that the original car owns.

+ Very convenient for Bikers who want to get acquainted with Exciter 150 before returning to the original single gear lever.

+ Easy to use for everyone to make it easy for your loved ones to use.

The 2-way gear lever with many different models and prices helps you to have many choices for your beloved driver.

Let's take a look at some types of 2-way gear lever products available at Hoang Tri Racing Shop:

KTech brand 2-way gear lever

KTech brand 2-way gear lever

Price: 250,000 VND

KTech Type I 2-way gear lever mounted for Exciter 150

KTech Type I 2-way gear lever mounted for Exciter 150

Price: 420,000 VND


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