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Exciter 150 car accessories - Oil dipstick

11/08/2017 237 đã xem

With a valve-shaped circular design that makes it easy to open and close by hand when you periodically change the oil for the car. After turning the biker oil dipstick in, please use a towel to wipe the car or a piece of paper just thick enough. and use pliers to tighten the oil dip valve to avoid theft. Usually when you take your car out to change the oil, the oil changer will know how to tighten the oil dipstick firmly before handing the car back to you, so you can rest assured when equipping the toy for the driver. let's love.


 Cotton-style viscous checker

Price: 180,000 VND/piece


A close-up of Ty's oil checker has been installed on the car



Spiral oil dipstick

Price: 360,000 VND/piece


Products after being installed on the car


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