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Exciter Toy Front fork

11/08/2017 182 đã xem

Exciter fork fork 

Brand : Racingboy (genuine)

Features: Car decoration

The fork bracket is installed in between the 2 front shock absorbers to make your car more sturdy and strong. Those of you who play Exciter cars will definitely know about the features of this product.

Choosing a product of Racing boy to install on your car is too Vip, a famous brand specializing in toys for new motorcycles and scooters with a sporty and luxurious style.

Note: There are many similar products on the market with inferior materials, not Racing boy's products are sold at a much cheaper price than genuine products and are stamped with the word Racing boy to pass. consumers .

Our store is committed to selling the right goods at the right price, if you buy our products and find out that Racing boy's goods are not right, you can bring them back to the store and we will refund you.

Pictures after attaching the fork brace to the Exciter car:


Fork brackets can be fitted to both old and new versions of Exciter vehicles

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