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Fenders (be careful) Vision 2021

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Fenders (be careful) Vision 2021

The rear fender of Vision 2021, also known as the anti-splash fender for Vision 2021. The product is properly installed for the Vision 2021 car to help the driver completely cover the upper part of the Vision 2021 rear wheel, cover the mud. splashed deep inside the engine block of the Vision 2021 car, thereby making it easier to clean. In the rainy season, install Vision 2021 fenders for your pet right away!

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Vision 2021 fenders are designed to fit Vision 2021 cars. With 3 screw holes on the product, 2 holes on the side and 1 hole from the top, it helps to completely fix the product without causing vibration as well as dropped during the move. The black product design is quite simple and the upper part is designed with a floating arrow which is also quite basic. As for the installation of standard zin products for Vision 2021 cars, there is no need to prepare porridge and install it quickly and completely suitable for remote customers.

Utilities when installing fenders (fenders) Vision 2021 :

- The undercarriage looks more seamless

- Shielding the mud from splashing deep inside

- Car cleaning is easier without too much effort

When the rainy season comes, if you don't equip the Vision 2021 with anti-splash protection , what other products should you equip? Hoang Tri Shop where you can find useful accessories for Vision 2021. Vision 2021  fenders are a good example for your rainy season! Order and install for your pet car right away!

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Sản phẩm với 3 lỗ bắt ốc cực chắc chắn và bền bỉ

The product with 3 screw holes is extremely sturdy and durable

Cận cảnh chắn bùn (dè con) chống văng sình Vision 2021

Close-up of anti-splash fenders Vision 2021

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