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Floating decals for Exciter 150

11/08/2017 93 đã xem

Floating decal for Exciter 150  - Newly arrived 2015 Exciter toy car , pasted on some parts of the car such as the rear bumper, engine block, below the clock face. The product design is beautiful, strong black, the paste is tight, firm, and can also prevent scratches to the parts after being glued. With this embossed decal set, your car will become more outstanding than before. Brothers quickly own this new stylish toy for Exciter 150 .


Floating decal set for Exciter 150


Stick the decal on the engine block


Stick the decal on the Exciter 150 engine block on the right




The rear bumper has embossed decals

exciter 150 . decal

GP . Blue Embossed Decal

decal says exciter 150 quick please

Red embossed decal

decal says exciter 150 quick please

The rear bumper has a red embossed decal with a color file

decal says exciter 150 quick please


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