Footrest in SH 2017 with carbon paint

11/08/2017 21 đã xem

Footrest in SH 2017 with carbon paint - full set of SH 2017 toys with carbon paint

With the carbon paint toy set, the installation of full equipment makes it impossible to forget the footrests in the carbon paint of SH 2017. The details are quite small, but only when you get the full set, will your beloved car be complete. bold and attracted the attention of many people.

Accompanying the footrest in SH 2017 is the footrest outside SH 2017. It can be said that this is a completely inseparable duo.

Note:  Patterns and textures may change over time because the manufacturer changes the model. Customers ordering online, please understand this unexpected change in model. Thanks

Let's see the footrest image in SH 2017 :

Footrests in SH 2017 have not been installed for cars

Installed inner footrest for SH 2017

Combination of inner footrest and outer footrest with carbon paint for SH 2017

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