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Future Fi 6-sided padlock 2012-2019

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Future Fi 6-sided padlock 2012-2019

The 6-sided lock, also known as the H-lock, can be installed on many different models of cars, including the Future Fi. The 6-sided lock provides greater security for your pet, with the 2-layer protection lock function providing more security than the car's zin lock. Equip the 6-sided lock to secure your Future Fi today!

Future Fi mounted 6-sided lock with many conveniences. In particular, it is impossible to ignore the 2-layer lock function, which is more secure and more secure than the car's zin lock. Anti-theft, key-breaking, making thieves spend a lot of time unlocking 2 layers, giving you more time to strengthen the protection of your pet. In addition, with a 6-sided lock, the thief must cover all 6 edges of the key to open the lock. Therefore, unlocking the 6 edges takes longer and requires the thief to be skilled in unlocking.

If you do not have enough money to immediately buy yourself a genuine motorcycle anti-theft  lock, genuine honda smartkey lock  , maybe  the 6-sided lock  is the right choice to protect your pet. The cost is cheaper than other types of electronic locks but still ensure effective anti-theft capabilities, so why not use it!

Instructions for using 6-sided padlock:

- Just like the type of motorcycle mechanical lock, zin lock on the car. The 6-sided lock  also has all of those functions such as: locking the car's neck, opening and closing the engine, locking 2 layers by turning the hexagonal lock on the car.

The 6-sided padlock  also has a protection button to help you immediately turn on the 2-layer lock mode quickly and conveniently. When pressing the button, the lock automatically covers it so that thieves do not insert the key or do any other actions to damage your car. (Press to shut button on 6-sided lock)

If you are in need of an anti-theft lock in general and  a 6-sided lock  in particular, you can order online or go directly to Hoang Tri Racing Shop for our staff to assist you in protecting your pet from thieves.

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Additional note:  The 6-sided lock  does not have an alarm function when there is a theft, so you also need to be alert to thieves to protect your property. You can see more:  Future Fi genuine smart lock  to better protect the car with effective alarm and anti-robbery function.

The Future Fi has been replaced with a 6-sided lock

The Future Fi has been replaced with a 6-sided lock

Completed version of Future 6-sided padlock

Completed version of Future 6-sided padlock

An toàn tiện lợi với khóa 2 lớp

Safe and convenient with 2-layer lock

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