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Future Led 5-piece kit imported from Thailand

11/08/2017 291 đã xem

Future Led 5-piece kit imported from Thailand

Similar to the 4-piece kit Future LED imported from Thailand that the shop introduced before. However, with the 5-piece kit, your pet will look more synchronized because there is an extra accessory that is a padlock. For this product, it will make the front baga position and the car's lock covered with full red look extremely "hot"!

Save more with:  5-piece Future Led kit imported from Thailand and Thai-made Future LED saddle

How to play Future LED 125 with Thai Wave style is gradually being chosen by many brothers for their pet drivers. Because the red color at the front baga position makes your pet car more prominent and attractive. In addition, with a set of 5 Thai products, Future LED will save you considerable costs compared to a 4-piece kit. Depending on the needs, customers can choose combos of 4 or 5 dishes.

Future Led 5-piece kit imported from Thailand includes:

- bib padlock

- Large middle roughness (temporarily called middle roughness first)

- Small middle roughness (temporarily called posterior middle roughness)

- Ventilation left side

- Right ventilation

If you love Wave Thai, don't miss the combo product line of  5 accessories for Future LED 125  for your pet. Hoang Tri Shop also has many accessories related to Wave Thai toys for Future at the shop waiting for customers to come and experience. Visit one of 2 Hoang Tri Shop branches or order online for nationwide shipping support.

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Future Led 5-piece kit imported from Thailand

Future Led 5-piece kit imported from Thailand

Trọn bộ 5 món Future LED đã được trang bị cho xe + Yên xe cũng được thay thế bằng yên Future LED Thái Lan

The full set of 5 Future LED items has been fitted to the car + The saddle has also been replaced with

Yen Future LED Thailand

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