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Genuine Brembo RCS 15 Corsa Corta brake lever

11/08/2017 238 đã xem

Genuine Brembo RCS 15 Corsa Corta  brake  lever

A high-class motorcycle toy has just landed in the great family of Hoang Tri Racing Shop. Genuine Italian genuine Brembo RCS 15 Corsa Corta  brake  with beautiful and unique design. Believe that the genuine Brembo RCS 15 Corsa Corta brake will conquer the most demanding customers.  

The handlebar body is manufactured from forged aluminum alloy and then machined by CNC high-tech cutting machines and the final hard-anodized finish makes the product solid and durable. The design is designed from Italy to bring the most standard beauty for your car.

Why not use hand brake zin?

The quality of the car's handbrake is undisputed because it has been carefully analyzed by the manufacturer in terms of engineering and design to help you be as safe and comfortable as possible. However, for scooter models, you will see that the handbrake is dirty, the hand brake can be easily broken,.... That makes you uncomfortable and especially for the  hand-brake models  - RCS 15 Corsa Corta  hand brake  , the beautiful design is what the Bikers are looking for.

Buy now for your pet a  high-end model  that can only be  a  genuine Brembo RCS 15 Corsa Corta  brake  that can bring you value-for-money experiences. Please order at the website or you can come to experience it in person at one of the 2 branches:

Address 1: 158 -160 Han Hai Nguyen, Ward 8, District 11, HCMC

Address 2: 586 Pham The Hien, Ward 4, District 8, HCMC

Phone:  0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25

Genuine  Brembo RCS 15 Corsa Corta brake lever 

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