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Genuine Comstar Tray - Exciter 150

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Genuine Comstar Tray - Exciter 150

Have you heard of the Comstar brand? This is the brand line of the company SHANGHAI COMSTAR WHEEL CO. , LTD. This brand is quite famous among motorcycle players in Vietnam and Asian countries. In particular, the main product line is the 5-pair double wheel. What is special about the product, please refer to the article below!

Double 5-plant tray  - The product name is derived from the product's design with 5 pairs of capsules arranged evenly spreading the impact force on the  Comstar wheel . Able to  withstand a weight of up to 800Kg  , you can completely rest assured that you can carry goods behind, go out with many personal items without worrying about the load of the wheels. In addition, the product has been quality checked before being shipped to bring a quality product to the consumer. Challenging bad roads, carrying heavy loads, but   still unharmed, the Comstar 5 double wheel is still unharmed. With the brand slogan:  "Comstar accompanies you - sustainable over the years"  - it is enough to affirm a superior quality compared to other popular wheels.

Comstar genuine 5- piece  double wheel  is made from high-quality aluminum alloy for bright colors, durable over the years and the product is one of the high-end wheels for Exciter 150. This is also a brand. The only brand in Vietnam that meets FMVSS standards. Comstar wheels with Exciter 150 bring you an exciting new experience in color and quality from the Comstar brand.

The 5-pair rim  has 5 colors that you can choose for your pet such as:  Luminous gold, gold, red, black and silver . Choosing a color is easier than ever because the colors of Comstar wheels are universal and easy to color. Particularly luminous yellow can be a bit picky. Which color would you choose for yourself?

Address 1: 158 -160 Han Hai Nguyen, Ward 8, District 11, HCMC

Address 2: 586 Pham The Hien, Ward 4, District 8, HCMC

Phone:  0909 4747 13 - 09 095030 25

Close-up of parameters on the Comstar Exciter 150 . wheel

Close-up of parameters on the Comstar Exciter 150 . wheel

Pair of Comstar wheels - high-end wheels for Exciter 150

Pair of Comstar wheels - high-end wheels for Exciter 150

Mâm Comstar màu đen được lắp đặt cho Exciter 150

Black Comstar wheels are installed for Exciter 150

Mâm Comstar với logo khẳng định thương hiệu

Comstar tray with logo affirms the brand

Tuy là màu đen nhưng mâm Comstar vẫn toát lên vẻ mê hoặc của mình

Although it is black, the Comstar wheels still exude their charm

Cận cảnh mâm trước Comstar màu đen lắp Exciter

Close-up of the black Comstar front wheel fitted with Exciter

Toàn cảnh Exciter 150 sau khi lắp mâm Comstar Exciter 150

Overview of Exciter 150 after installing Comstar Exciter 150 wheels

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