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Genuine Malaysian Kozi cans

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Genuine Malaysian Kozi cans

For the Kozi brand, perhaps car players are not too unfamiliar with this brand. Kozi is famous for its zin-style exhaust lines - Now no longer stopping there, Kozi has switched to a line of pipes to suit those who like to play motorcycle-style mufflers. Let's experience it now and always have a genuine Malaysian Kozi pot at Hoang Tri Shop!

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First, you can see the highlight of the genuine Kozi Malaysian can that is that the stamp is fixed on the can firmly, ensuring no vibration. For Kozi zin-style mufflers you have to put the stamp on the muffler yourself and this can be uncertain and lost. Next, the paint used for Kozi po cans is appreciated when experiencing: you can touch and stroke it to feel the smooth, glossy finish of the pot when directly touched. Kozi's chinvery sturdy and feel the quality clearly. The tailpipe has been equipped with an effective silencer so you can go on the road without disturbing the people around. However, if you want a more powerful, vibrant sound, you can remove the muffler. Simply remove the hexagon on the tailgate and feel this exciting change. The neck is delicately welded and ensures the aesthetic of durable and long-lasting use.

For those of you who love genuine Malaysian Kozi mufflers, you need to equip yourself with a car exhaust for quick installation. Currently, Hoang Tri Racing Shop offers a number of exhausts for the following models:

150 . winner neckline

- Sh 2020 stainless steel muffler

- Cổ pô Titanium Winner X, Sonic

Titanium exhaust for Exciter 150

Cổ pô Titan ADV 150

Hãy đến Hoàng Trí Shop để trải nghiệm ngay âm thanh cực chất của dòng pô Kozi và màu sắc đa dạng giúp cho xế cưng của bạn nổi bật hơn. Hoặc bạn cũng có thể đặt hàng ngay trên website cũng như các kênh bán hàng của Hoàng Trí Shop để đặt ngay cho mình lon pô Kozi để trang bị cho xế cưng ngay:

Địa chỉ 1: 158 -160 Hàn Hải Nguyên, Phường 8, Quận 11, TP.HCM

Địa chỉ 2: 586 Phạm Thế Hiển, Phường 4, Quận 8, TP.HCM

Điện thoại: 0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25


Close-up details of Kozi cans with 4 colors to choose from

Cận cảnh chi tiết lon pô Kozi với 4 màu sắc có thể lựa chọn

Exciter 155 GP with the car's exhaust

Exciter 155 GP với lon pô zin của xe

On hand, a blue Kozi exhaust can of GP in the same tone as the car

Trên tay lon pô Kozi màu xanh GP cùng tông với xe

Similarities in the color of the Kozi muffler and the color of the car

Điểm tương đồng về màu sắc của lon pô Kozi và màu sắc của xe

Designed with a rather aggressive design and striking colors

Được thiết kế với kiểu dáng khá hầm hố và màu sắc nổi bật

The joints are shot together quite delicately

The joints are shot together quite delicately

After equipping the Exciter 155 car, it looks great

After equipping the Exciter 155 car, it looks great

Chi phí gọn nhẹ, nhỏ nhưng mang đậm giá trị trang trí cho xe

Compact, small cost but with bold decorative value for the car

Toàn cảnh chiếc Exciter 155 sau khi lắp pô Kozi thay thế pô zin

Overview of the Exciter 155 after installing the Kozi exhaust to replace the zin exhaust

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