Genuine Ohlins fork with Airblade 2014

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Genuine Ohlins fork with Airblade 2014

Ohlins fork is an indispensable name in the list of 2014 airblade ornamental toys if you plan to customize your bike like super products on the track. Ohlins is a name that is not too strange and is known as a high-class ornamental toy for motorbikes. Although the 2014 Airblade is a commercial vehicle, many players still do not regret the money to equip their beloved drivers with extremely prominent and luxurious genuine ohlins forks .

Genuine Ohlins fork can be adjusted to increase or decrease the spring of the fork with a plastic ring on the fork tyre. Can be customized depending on your feelings. With just a few small steps, you can master the fork (shock absorber) for your beloved driver.

However, fake goods - imitation goods - poor quality goods are everywhere. You can watch the clip to evaluate more about how the product is genuine and how not to be afraid of being a fake. You can feel the comfort and ease after using the genuine ohlins fork to replace the car's zin fork. In addition, there is also a long-term warranty of up to 36 months.

See pictures and video clips to feel you:

How to check genuine Ohlins product information

Right fork - genuine ohlins on airblade 2014

Close-up details see every detail clearly

A classy and luxurious toy that many people want to have.

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