Givi E250N2 . Box

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Givi E250N2 . Box

Why mount a Givi crate?

 For cars with a small trunk like Winner, it is impossible to add the necessary items and need to be equipped with an additional toy to be able to replace the modest trunk of this lovely driver.

 In addition, for those who often go on a long trip for a few days, the more things they can carry, the more it is necessary to install the following givi box. Because the design of the box is wide and can hold a lot of items, it is the solution for genuine backpackers.

 Families with young children returning to their hometown for the holidays and Tet are also times when they need space to carry as many things as possible for their children.

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Conditions needed to install givi enclosures:

In order to install the Givi box on the car, it is necessary to add a baga to the car and then can install the Givi box because the box is quite large but the rear bumper is too small to hold enough boxes so the following baga solution is suitable for range of vehicle.

About the Givi E250N2 box :

Capacity: 25 liters

Origin: imported from Malaysia

With a reflective lid design, it brings a novelty to the givi E250N2. The product is also considered as a decorative accessory for the car to be more stylish and outstanding. The product is easy to use and has high reliability and security, so it is loved by many car players. The box can easily hold a 3/4 helmet.

Givi E250N2 . Box

Givi E250N2 . Box

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