Gloves - Handbrake - Rear view mirror - Fz150 toy car

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Gloves - handbrake and rearview mirror 3-piece combo for Fz150

Combo of 3 gloves, rearview mirror and handbrake is a combo that is recommended before buying a Fz150 with many conveniences and safety for you and your loved one.

- Fz150 gloves : Help your hands grip the handlebars to avoid slipping and endangering you. In addition, when going long distances, the gloves also bring a comfortable feeling of running long distances.

- Fz150 handbrake : The handbrake has a gear adjustment suitable for all sizes of hands. Help the hand brake firmly and promptly stop when there is an incident.

- Rearview mirror fz150 : In addition to decorative features, the rearview mirror also has a rear view feature to help Biker turn safely.

Let's see the 3-dish combo on Fz150:

The silver Biker brake is radiant on the black and blue Fz150

Price: 1,100,000 VND

Glove and handbrake spacing options are available

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