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Golden Discus Slug DID Raider Fi, Satria

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Golden Discus Slug DID Raider Fi, Satria

The DID brand has gradually formed, when it comes to fork slugs, the Biker brothers still think of the DID product line. With high durability and luxurious design with legendary yellow color, the DID disc sprocket has won the love of car enthusiasts. Customize your car right away!

DID disc slug with Japanese brand. The shiny yellow color, which is made of a sturdy alloy, is less prone to wear and tear and lasts up to 2 years for drivers who love to run a lot. Check and change the sprocket when necessary to ensure your safety. Avoid the case of running in the middle of the road with a broken slug or a very dangerous slug that can cause an unnecessary traffic accident. You can add anti-slip slugs on the car to increase safety for yourself and your loved ones.

Products DID forks and sprockets fitted to Raider Fi and Satria vehicles , if you are far away, you can order and we will deliver to your place by convenient COD service.

When should the sprocket sprocket be replaced?

For the  sprocket,  there is no certain lifespan depending on the daily travel needs of the car owner. For drivers who love to move a lot and far, the sprocket sprocket will be more easily damaged. For drivers who rarely move or run for a long time, the sprocket sprocket is not worn, so it is not necessary to change the sprocket periodically.

But when replacing, you need to do this correctly so that the car can work better and more smoothly:

+ 7-10 days: go to the mechanic to correct when the slug is slack.

+ 4-6 months: Go to the shop to lubricate to make the car run smoothly and better.

+ For  discus slugs, DID has their age from 1.5 years - 2 years. The types that are often poor quality have a shorter life of about 3-6 months.

How to increase the life of the fork slug?

To increase the life of the chain sprocket, you need to follow the above cycle and periodically check the chain (chain) to check the slack of the chain to increase the chain to help the car not pull and stretch the chain.

It is necessary to clean it with specialized tools for the fork slugs to keep this part clean, increasing its lifespan significantly.

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Full set of DID slug toys

Full set of DID slug toys

Close-up details of forks and slugs of Raider Fi

Close-up details of forks and slugs of Raider Fi

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