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Golden light spherical mirror lamp

11/08/2017 200 đã xem

The yellow light of the spherical mirror for the driver adds a unique beauty to the car, but you also feel more secure because you don't have to worry about being fined for changing the light or the light is over the limit. 


Golden light spherical mirror lamp 

Unlike xenon mirror lights, which produce white light with a brightness that makes you dazzled when looking directly at the light or when you are driving in the opposite direction with other vehicles with xenon mirror lights, the white light will be very uncomfortable. In the case of installing a white light bridge mirror to the car, if you meet the Traffic Police, you may be questioned due to the wrong installation of lights.

Now, you can rest assured when installing the lamp Golden spherical mirror because this lamp meets the permissible light standards and looks very beautiful with its ball-shaped shape with integrated magnifying glass to help gather the light of the headlights and play all the work. Light output helps you to see the road surface when traveling at night without blinding others when traveling in the opposite direction.


Spherical mirror light in normal mode.

The mirror lamp is in Demi light mode.

 The image after installing the yellow light spherical mirror light on the car with Demi light mode on



The spherical mirror lights are in headlight mode 

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