GTS . Windshield

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GTS . Windshield

Motorcycle windshields are essential accessories for families with young children or often go on long trips. Products with many benefits that you can't ignore for a safer trip. Is your GTS equipped yet? Come to Hoang Tri Racing Shop to buy it for yourself!

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Benefits of the GTS windshield:

- Helps to prevent the front seat from getting dust into the eyes, strong wind hitting the eyes, obscuring vision. In particular, for children sitting in front, the vespa GTS windshield helps children safely and easily observe everything in front.

- As a fashion and personality decoration for your pet car.

- Save costs with durable materials that can completely block the wind.

Are you ready for long trips with your family? Don't forget to equip your vespa GTS with a windshield for a safer trip! You can order at Hoang Tri Shop website. Or you can go to branches of Hoang Tri Racing Shop to buy and install at the shop with quick installation time.


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Tel: (028) 6 271 3025

Mobifone: 0909 50 30 25 - 0909 60 30 25

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Tel: (028) 6 68 63 586

Mobifone: 0909 17 47 13 - 0909 47 47 13

Close-up of vespa GTS . windshield

The product has been installed on the Vespa GTS cưng pet car

The product fits snugly with the car's lights

A great decoration for your pet

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