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H2C style handbrake fitted with SH standard

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H2C style handbrake fitted with SH standard

Following the series of genuine Thai H2C products, Hoang Tri Shop introduces to customers near and far a model of H2C style handbrake fitted with standard SH cars. Customers who have purchased H2C rearview mirrors, don't forget to equip an H2C style handbrake for your pet! Order now to experience the quality from the Thai brand!

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In line with the criteria of H2C products, the H2C style handbrake is designed in a fairly simple but extremely luxurious design. The manufacturer also does not forget to affirm the brand with a white logo on the black background of the H2C handbrake. It is possible to install zin standard for models such as:  SH Italy 2 discs, SH Vietnam (SH 2012 - SH 2020) and for other models that need to make porridge to be able to install the H2C style handbrake .

The anti-fracture function is also included in the H2C brake lever by the manufacturer with a quite sensitive coupling to help users save a good amount of money when the car accidentally falls and can break the brake arm. In addition, you can adjust the distance of the handbrake with a "lever" with many different levels of adjustment, which is very convenient for customers with small hands. You can order online when you own the above models. For customers who own other cars, they can call Hoang Tri Racing Shop for advice before deciding to buy a car mode. Customers in TPCM can immediately visit 1 of 2 branches for installation support.

Address 1: 158 -160 Han Hai Nguyen, Ward 8, District 11, HCMC

Address 2: 586 Pham The Hien, Ward 4, District 8, HCMC

Phone:  0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25

Tay thắng kiểu H2C lắp cho SH 2017

H2C style brake for SH 2017

Có chức năng chống gẫy giảm rủi ro khi xe ngã

Has an anti-break function to reduce the risk of falling when the vehicle falls

Có thể điều chỉnh cự ly tay thắng của xe

Can adjust the braking distance of the car

Nên trang bị thêm bao tay kiểu để giúp tay thắng thêm phần đẹp mắt

Should equip more style gloves to help the hand win more beautiful

Tay thắng H2C sang trọng, nhiều tiện ích (bên phải)

Luxury H2C handbrake, many utilities (on the right)

Tay thắng H2C sang trọng, nhiều tiện ích (bên trái)

Luxury H2C handbrake, many utilities (on the left)

Cận cảnh chi tiết để quý khách hàng có thể tham khảo rõ hơn về sản phẩm

Close-up details so that customers can better refer to the product

Toàn cảnh chiếc SH 2020 trang bị nhiều phụ kiện tại Hoàng Trí Shop

Overview of the SH 2020 equipped with many accessories at Hoang Tri Shop

Chiếc SH 300i đến Hoàng Trí Shop độ tay thắng H2C

The SH 300i went to Hoang Tri Shop to customize H2C

Với chức năng chống gãy giúp chủ xe tiết kiệm chi phí thay tay thắng

With anti-break function to help car owners save on brake replacement costs

Thiết kế đơn giản nhưng không kém phần sang trọng

Simple design but no less luxurious

Toàn cảnh chiếc SH 300i với cặp tay thắng H2C

Overview of the SH 300i with a pair of H2C . brakes

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