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HeadLight led headlight - beautiful, bright and durable light

LED headlights have many types, many styles and range from cheap to high-end. Poor quality + cheap signal for goods to spoil quickly and cause frustration for users. Going at night, suddenly losing the lights and meeting some policemen... Then you will think that investing in a high-quality led light is worth what you spend at that time.

With Head Light led headlight for extremely beautiful and bright light with high durability. For night trips, you should invest in LED headlights because they give a beautiful day-like light.

Advantages of Led Headlight :

- Using the latest 4 lamp cores from the US.

- Cos and phase are clear creating beautiful light

- Projection more than 200m, super wide light

- There is a cooling fan at the bottom of the lamp, with the task of cooling the lamp body.

- Super saving: when opening cos or phase mode is only  45w.

- The white light  6500 Kevin is  very beautiful, white but a little bit yellow. And the light shines down on the road very well.

- Using H4 lampstand, which is a common lamp base on current motorcycles and some car models.

- brightness:  6000 Lumens , giving very good light, although the brightness is HUGE but not dazzling (35W halogen bulbs only give out about 500Lumens, 55W bulbs for 800Lumens).

- Lamp life is very long, reaching more than  50,000  hours.

- Less heat, not hot, cause glare, glare and lead to damage to the reflector like Xenon lamps.

- 6 months warranty at Hoang Tri Racing Shop

Picture of Led HeadLight:

Led Headlight set at Hoang Tri Racing Shop

Led Headlight set at Hoang Tri Racing Shop

Installing HeadLights for customers

Installing HeadLights for customers

Led HeadLight kit has been installed for extremely bright cars

Led HeadLight kit has been installed for extremely bright cars

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