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Install anti-theft car lock Lead 2017-2018

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Install anti-theft car lock Lead 2017-2018

Motorcycle is a tool for commuting that makes work quick and convenient. Today, if you don't have a motorbike, you can still take a bus or some other means of transport, but it's expensive or if it's cheap, it's also for those who have a lot of time.

Not only that, today many thieves are so sophisticated that they can rob in broad daylight. Therefore, protecting property in general and motorbikes in particular is extremely necessary for us. With the newly released Lead 2017-2018 love truck, it will certainly be the reach of many "players lacking drugs".

Prevention is more necessary and urgent than ever. Install a motorcycle anti-theft lock for your loved one to ensure the safety of yourself and your motorbike.

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Aolin anti-theft lock function:

Key emits sound : there are 2 modes of sound output. The lock only emits a whistle for about 5 seconds when there is an accidental impact on the lock. But when a thief intentionally impacts the car, the alarm will sound continuously to let us know and at the same time the protection mode is also implemented, the thief cannot start the engine and go.

Silent lock  : When using this mode, the lock only makes a sound when there is a direct impact on the lock, for example, using a key or sharp objects to pry the lock. At the same time, the security system also prevents thieves from leaving if they can break the lock.

Convenient to find your car in the parking lotA very convenient function of the remote anti-theft lock is to help you easily find your car when going to the parking lots of crowded areas such as supermarkets, markets, watching movies, ...

Find a car by flashing the lights (finding a silent car - no sound)In case it's too dark or you're afraid of disturbing people, you don't know where your car is, you can use this function, the lights will turn on. will flash to let you know the vehicle's location

Remote machine thread

Remote car shutdown : This mode in case we forget to turn on the car thief protection system, then we can remotely turn off the engine when the thief is using it.

Anti-robbery : When a thief steals a car, just press the button, the siren will sound and the car will automatically turn off after 20 seconds and the thief can only sit and cry and leave the car.

Emergency alarm  : This mode when you are on the road or want to overtake another vehicle, just press the siren and flash button.

Remote unlock

Remote lock off

On hand remote anti-theft lock aolin equipped for Lead 2017 - 2018

Preparing to install Aolin anti-theft lock for Lead 2017 - 2018

Hoang Tri Racing Shop staff is connecting the wires for the Aolin anti-theft lock

The last steps connected to the alarm will be completed immediately.

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