Integrated LED turn signal running Audi A8 Winner X

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Integrated LED turn signal running Audi A8 Winner X

After successfully integrating the turn signals into Winner X's headlights, Hoang Tri Racing Shop understands that many customers have higher needs than that, so it launches an Audi A8 LED model integrated on Winner X headlights. With effects LED running will probably be a favorite Winner X car toy.

The story of the turn signals on Winner X does not end with many different modes, but perhaps integrating it into the headlights like scooters often do is the most thoroughly solved problem. Because they save space, do not reduce the brightness of the headlights and are suitable for tastes as well as showing sophistication on trendy cars.

Like the previous Audi LED integrated LED lights, after turning on the turn signal mode, there will be an LED effect running from the inside out, creating a beautiful and eye-catching effect. In addition, with demi mode, the Audi LED will be white and stationary. You can see the images and video clips below to see more clearly about the Winner X running LED design .

Don't forget to add the Winner X headlight off switch to be more active in turning off the headlights during the day. If you have an idea for a mode for Winner X, do not hesitate to call us for technical advice as well as the ability to implement that idea.

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Please refer to the video clip of the integrated LED light running A8

Led Audi Winner X has integrated LED effect running A8

The demi mode on the LED is white and changes color when the turn signal is on

Don't forget to add a switch to turn off the headlights in the morning

When turning on the turn signal mode, the LED light will change from white to yellow

Accompanied by a beautiful running effect from bottom to top

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