Kawasaki Z-800 rear fender

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Kawasaki Z-800 rear fender

The rear fender Z800 is a small toy, but with superior features that make it easier to go in the rain when the car has just been washed or the roads are in the process of being repaired and are muddy.

With Z800 rear fenders, many designs and colors will help your beloved car have different styles when customizing different fenders. Create diversity in the toy block Kawasaki Z800.

Features and uses of the rear fender:

+ Z800 rear fender helps to keep the undercarriage clean.

+ The rear of the car will become neater when the number plate is attached to the rear fender and the tail is cut.

+ Decorate the rear of the car with unique toys.

Check out the image of the Z800 after the fender is adjusted:

Robotic fenders are being prepared to be installed for Z800

Finished installing robot fenders on Z800

Feel free to go to the rain with the mud will be significantly prevented

Car wash made easier with robot fenders

More beautiful when reflective stamps are attached to the robot fenders

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