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King Speed ​​Disc - Super Cub Style Disc

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King Speed ​​Disc - Super Cub Style Disc

The King Speed ​​Disc is a motorcycle-style disc accessory with a sturdy and safe CNC aluminum cage. What will King Speed's Super Cub look like? Is it suitable for your pet car? Immediately see the image below to be able to buy immediately for your pet if the product is good-looking and beautiful.

The 220mm King Speed ​​aluminum cage disc is  standardly installed for the Super Cub series, with a thickness of 4mm, extremely durable. With a more competitive price than other disc models, but still giving your pet a   beautiful motorcycle toy , why not change  the King Speed ​​disc for your Super Cub 150  to make your car more beautiful and comfortable. show personality.

King Speed ​​Supper Cub 125 Fi 2019 disc specifications:

Disc Size: 220mm

Thickness: 4mm

Product with metal outer disc, black disc cage, decorated with screws of different colors such as: blue, yellow and red. Standard installation with 5 convenient screw holes. You can completely buy it to replace your pet's car easily without making porridge.

Come and experience motorbike refurbishment service   at Hoang Tri Racing Shop. We promise that your pet will be completely transformed and bring satisfaction to you at Hoang Tri Shop. Visit 1 of 2 branches today:

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King Speed ​​Disc - Super Cub Style Disc

King Speed ​​Disc - Super Cub Style Disc

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