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Korsa trumpet for NVX 155cc

11/08/2017 181 đã xem

Custom Korsa for NVX 2017 - the choice for audiophiles

The car horn of the NVX 155cc, for many audiophiles, thinks that it is not big - not powerful - does not create a highlight.

Hoang Tri Racing Shop has the solution right here for you: Get on the Korsa horn for the NVX 155cc driver with the following points:

+ KOSRA car horns from Turkey

+ Fits all current motorcycle models

Quality meets European standards.

+ With big sound, sporty design, car horn is the choice of many brothers.  

+ Products are sold in pairs

KOSRA 1 . car horn

KOSRA car horn has been mounted on the car

KOSRA 2 . car horn

KOSRA car horn mounted on the car with L4 light provides extra light

KOSRA 3 . car horn

Close-up of KOSRA car horn on NVX 155cc


KOSRA 5 . car horn

KOSRA car horn seen from the front and carried out the final stages

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